Sharing my away matches online? What kind of idea is this? This looks and sound like a haven for the police.

We live in such times that almost everything is monitored. When we go to away matches there is always an 'away list'. You already provide the most basic info about yourselves. The cameras at the stadium record you. You can be tracked by a simple photo from a phone. If someone really is interested in finding you - they will. They don't need to make a website to keep track of you. If you are paranoid about it being used anyway, set your UltrasDiary profile to private and nobody will be able to track your away game records. This portal is run by an away game fanatic belonging to the NS ultras group from Legia Warszawa. It is in no way an informant site!

Can I add an away match if I don't remember the date/final score/away fan numbers or the method of transport?

Of course! You only need to specify who your club played against (the rest of the information is optional). If you do not remember the exact date, you only need to provide the year, but we do suggest adding as much info as possible to make your statistics regarding away matches more interesting.

I was at an away match where the match wasn't played at the clubs home stadium. Can I add such a match?

By default the stadium selected will be the clubs home stadium but you can change that. Click the 'X' in the stadium field and enter the correct stadium choice.

We took a train to the away match but to get to the train we took our cars. We returned from the match by bus, and then I took a bike to go home. Which field do I fill for such an experience?

For these sort of stories, please select the 'OTHER' option :)

Why are the km traveled counted in a straight line?

We all know that away games sometimes offer some very spontaneous adventures - sometimes venturing off-route. You can go to City A and other than seeing the match, visit your aunt. While in City B, you can decide to go visit the beach. While going to City C you can pick up a friend in City A etc there are many strange and fun routes to get to the stadium - there is no way to remember them all... so the simplest solution is to count the away game km in a straight line.

I belong to an Fan Club. I do not live in the city of my home club. How do I count my km?

It's hard to guess if your Fan Club travels to the city of your club before an away match or if you go from your location straight to the away sector. So... we are counting them from your club's home stadium.

Can I add matches from clubs which we are allied with or national team away matches?

The point of UltrasDiary is to add matches for YOUR club. Adding matches from other clubs or matches you may have visited - doesn't make much sense. If you are active with your allies, set up another account just for them.

I am unable to log in through Facebook. Does this function work properly?

In order for you to properly log in using Facebook you need to sync Facebook to the website. In order to do this, please check the 'My Profile' page.

How come the number of away fans/stadium name/away rating and my description of the away match are not visible in the list of my away matches?

You need to click the match that you are interested in, in order to see all the additional information related to it.

I found a bug on the site. Where can I report this?

If you found a bug, please contact us at: We will do our best to fix it.

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