How many away matches have you been to?

This is the primary question for all football fanatics! Now we give you an easy way to count and track them. Forget about your lost notes and excel files. Thanks to Ultras Diary we offer you a fun way to keep track of your away games.

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Keep track of your stats

How many kilometers have you traveled following your club? Which stadium have you visited the most? How many of those games has your team finished victorious? What was your farthest away game? All these stats are in one place.

Check your friends away games

Connect your UltrasDiary and Facebook accounts. Use Facebook's wall to share your away trips. Follow your friends, compare your stats with them and compete!

Manage your account privacy

Do you value your privacy and want to use Ultras Diary just for yourself? Simply mark this option in profile settings and from now on all the details and updates are hidden (only visible to you).

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